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Afferent official ceremonies and state competitions

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OyamaKyokushin National Tournament World Organization of Iran’s news
World Oyama Karate Organization Kyokushin Championships of Iran was held in Fajr Stadium at 31st of Mordad and during that strong contenders from all over the country of Iran were on the face of each other in a spectacular competition for getting top titles.

Opening of the games:

Clock was showing 9:00 AM that tournament started officially after recitation of a few verses from the Holy Quran and playing the national anthem of Iran. Authoritative Parade of participant fighters in the front was one of the attractions which gave a particular passion to the competitions.
Tutor Ali Ziyaee who is the number one in OyamaKyokushin, in the opening of games according to speaking about satisfaction with the turnout by athletes, although requested from the fighters to pay attention to aspects of chivalry and moral values during their campaign. After the speeches of founder of OyamaKyukushin, drum sounds for the beginning of the championship.

Compete in three age groups Youth – adults and veterans:

۲۰۵ fighters compete hardly in three age groups Youth – adults and veterans. The absence of a prominent hero and celebrity that by the discretion of the President of style and Technical Committee avoided from corporation in competition gave younger the opportunity to try forheroism with bettermotivation. This was the thing that made the new face of the campaign known and talented.

Presence of elders of light:

Senior Member of Style had sincere cooperation to improve Games. Grace teachers such as: ShahramMohammadi, Mohsen Shirzad, Ibrahim Adelkhani, Behrouz Khesali, Mohsen Azar Monavari, ShapourMohammadi, AlirezaMohaghegh.

Team rankings:

In this competition Kerman Team achievedthe first championship title, West Azarbaijan became Vice-champion, and Lorestan stands on the third rank.

Introducing medalists

-۴۵: Mohammad Amin Pour Gohari – AlirezaDavoudi- AbolfazlHaghighat Pour – Hamidreza Pour Heydari
-۵۰: Amir Mohammad KarimiForoud- Amir Reza Ehsani Far – SalarNazemi- ShahidAbadiyan
-۵۵: Ali Diyanatiyan – Ali Shah KaramZade – Amir Mohammad Najafpour – Ali Ali Pour
-۶۰: YasinSeyedShokri – Reza Papi- Hosein Ahmad Zadeh- HamidrezaFeli
-۶۵: ShahinSadeghi – SoheilZareii- AlirezaFakour- AlirezaKhajeloo
-۷۰: Mahdi Hamedi – SajjadFattahi- Mahdi Aliyari- Mohammad JavadMasoudi
-۷۵: HoseinTaheri – FarshadFallahNejad- MohammadrezaSoroushMehr- Amir HosseinTabatabayi
-۸۰: Ali Yari – Ali Akbar Norouzi- Mohsen Ebrahimi- BahmanHafezi
+۸۰: Ali Darvishi- Reza Farhangiyan- Reza Amani- AshkanKhaksar


-۶۰: Yousef DolatShahi- Mohammad HasanMehrbani – SoroushNoorollahi- AbdollahHasanZavareh
-۷۰: MosayyebJahanbakhsh – BehrouzHasanvand- Mehdi Moheb Ali – AsgharFarhangi
-۸۰: Ayyoub Ali Akbari- Mehdi BiramiAzar – MasoudBayazidi- SaeidBalouchi
-۹۰: MostafaPapizadeh – MohammadrezaRoozbeh- SamanKarimpour- Abbas pourmand
+۹۰: Salar Jedi- NaserKaramzadeh- MohammadrezaRouzbeh- MostafaHaselTalab


۳۵-۳۹ ages: Mohammad bemani Pour – Amir Nouri – DavoudDarabi – Mohammad Marghad
۴۰-۴۴ ages: MohammadrezaNasiri – HasanBagheri – ParvizZolfaghari – DariyoushPouladi
۴۵-۴۹ ages: Goudarz Shah Nazari – ShamsollahKolivand – AbdollahGholami – HasanGoudarzi
۵۵-۵۹ ages: Mohammad JavadDelaviz – Seyed Ali Ghiyasi – EsmaeilEsmaeili

Thanks and acknowledgment

At the end tutor Ziyaei -President of the World OyamaKyokushin- congratulated the ranking afferent.