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The first World Championship Kyokushin Oyama

World OyamaKyokushin organization that was established 7 years ago, and is founded and headed by Ali Salman Ziyaee who has undertaken 8 Dan Karate from Federation of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Tournament weights were-60,-70,-80,-90,+90.

Matches started on 11/30/1393 at 11.30 in the morning with participants from Iran – Pakistan – Poland – Norway Afghanistan – Iraq Kurd – Iraq – India – Azerbaijan continueduntil 21 O`clock, and all of them find out to phase 8.1.

Tournament starts at date of 01.12.1393 at 10:30 in the morning and continued till 15 pm that participants found the semi-finals.

After that, the race continued and the results are as follows:

Weight -60 kg: in the first place Mr. Yousef Dolatshahi, second: Mr. Pouria Kakolvand, third: Mr. Hamid Pirhadi, joint third: Mr. Reza Papi.

Weight -70 kg: in the first place Mr. BehzadKhezri, second: Mr. Behrouz Hasanvand, third: Mr. Mohammad Niyazi, joint third: Mr. VesamAmer Shaker.

Weight -80 kg: in the first place Mr. HoseinGhaedRahmat, second: Mr. HabdorrahmanHasanvand, third: Mr. ShahramKarimiNasab, joint third: Mr. MosayebJahanbakhsh.

Weight -90 kg: in the first place Mr. MostafaPapiZadeh, second: Mr. Yadollah Pour Zeyd, third: Mr. AliEsmaeili, joint third: Mr. FanarHamoud Mohsen.

Weight +90 kg: in the first place Mr. AbdolhamidHasanvand, second: Mr. Vali Ali Zahi, third: Mr. Amir Ahmad, joint third: Mr. Mohammad Rafi Faghiri.

All members of the Board members and senior representatives of provincial style with great effort and additional activity itself beautifully illustrated the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the tournament.

Here we must thank Mr. ShahramMohammadi, Ibrahim Adelkhani, Mohsen Azar Monavari, ShapourMohammadi, Behrouz Khesali, mahyarZiyaee, Mahmoud Ziyaee, Hosein Khaki, ArsalanMohammadi, Aydin Mohammadi, KarimiNasab, Shah Khosravi, Sarvestani, Mahmoudi Azar and all the ones who are involved anyway.

This important event finished on 01/12/93 at 20:30 with the first championship of Iran, Iraq was second and Afghanistan got third.